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Local Attractions

Moravian Karst

Among the most unique natural displays is Moravsky Kras. Moravsky kras is located about 30 km from Brno in Blanensko. It is one of the most beautiful karst regions in the Czech Republic. Four caves are open to visitors: Punkevni jeskyne (Punkva Cave), which is part of the longest cave system in the Czech Republic with the underground Punkva brook; also here is the Macocha abyss, 138.5 m deep; Katerinska jeskyne (Katherine Cave), which is famous for its unique limestone ornamentation; Jeskyne Balcarka (Balcarka Cave), which is bi-level and has articulated passageways linked by chimneys; and the Sloupsko-Sosuvske jeskyne (Sloupsko-Sosuvske Caves), which are the richest deposit sites for the bones of cave fauna. The observation platform of the Abyss Macocha is connected to the Punkva caves by a cable car.

Renaissance chateau known as Blansko Museum

The Renaissance Chateau is home to Blansko Museum. Here you will find exhibitions on the artistic castings for which Blansko is famous, the history of iron production and smelting, the Moravian Karst and the history of the Blansko region.It also offers visitors tours of the chateau’s historical interiors.

New Castle u Adamova

After the downfall of the Old Castle, the former front bulwark from the second half of the 15th century took over its function. The courtyard is enclosed by the polygonal ramparts and surrounded by the castle buildings. The castle is further protected by a moat. The castle has been recently renovated.

St. Martin's church - Blansko

This is a Baroque building built between 1672-1691. Formely this was the location of a roman (later gothic) church that was built by the Bishop of Olomouc Henry Zdík in the12th century.

The church has been renovated over the years and now has a new tower, an oratorio and a choir. The ancient bell in the church tower is one of the oldest bells in Moravia.

Wooden Church of St. Paraskiva - Blansko

The wooden church of St. Paraskiva belongs to the Czechoslovak Hussite Church and can be found on Rodkovského street. The church was built in the 17th century in Nizhne Seliste, Russia and was moved to Blansko in the year 1936.

Observation Tower - Rozhledna Veselice Podvrši

The tower is in a forest on the border of the Moravian Karst. The tower was built by an old mobile network provider called Eurotel Praha. It was originally used as a radio-relay communication node for cell phones signals.  The altitude of the Podvrší hill reaches 590metres above sea level. The observation gallery is situated at an elevation of 621metres above sea level. You have to climb 168 steps to reach the top. The reward is a splendid view of many interesting sites within a 60 radius. There are four other view-towers on the horizon

Pivovar Brewery in Černá Hora - Brauerei Černá Hora

In nearby Černá Hora, there is a brewery which is very popular with all beer enthusiasts. In addition to beer the local brewery also makes a drink for children. You can learn more about beer production from a tour of the brewery. There is a Beer Festival on the last Saturday in September.

Bowling Blansko

If you fancy a night of bowling there is a bowling alley in Blansko town park. Unfortunately the website is in Czech. Dvorská 16, 678 01 Blansko, Czech Republic
+420 516 412 244

Aquapark - Blansko

The city Blansko has range of water attractions. There is an indoor huge swimming pool which is connected with an outdoor swimmng pool and becomes part of the aquapark. In the outdoor area there is a swimming pool which is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide with four swimming lines, three diving towers, water rapids and a long slide. There is also a children swimmng pool. Both outdoor swimming pools are heated. In the other part of the areal there is a wide sand beach with a children playground and there are also two beach-volleyball courts. Around the swimming pool there are both concrete and grass relaxation areas.

Spilberk Castle in Brno - Castle Špilberk

Here you can see a baroque fort with its casemates from 17th century which used to function as the toughest prison in the country until 1945. The castle´s tower is used as an observation tower nowadays. The castle dominates the Brno skyline.

Brno Zoo

The ZOO has an extensive tropical nature exposition of typical representatives of tropical fauna and flora from Madagascar, Amazon, Africa and other localities in the “Tropical kingdom”. It is the best exposition of that kind in the Czech Republic, corresponding with its complex conception to the west European standards. You will see animals and plants of particular locations in mutual coexistence. The safari exposition is also the largest one in the Czech Republic.

Wild West City Boskovice

It is a natural entertaining park which has been created in a natural setting of a former sandstone quarry and it reminds visitors of adventure western films. It has gained its fame especially thanks to its amphitheatre, the biggest western stage under open the sky, where famous characters from Karl May fictions come to life.

Western City Šiklův mlýn

In the middle of the Highlands you will find original western city with all the romantic atmosphere and rough beauty. In the picturesque valley of the Bobrůvka river you will find saloons, cafeshops, sweetshops, game rooms, a city spa, a little church with a cemetery, the sheriff's office, a prison, the Wild West ZOO and even the Union Pacific train with trainstation. You will also see the biggest rodeo area in the Czech Republic, demonstrating western riding and working with horses, lasso and whips.


DinoPark is a unique amusement park for general public. The main target group are families with children 5-15 years old/, depicting scenery from the life of Mesozoic animals as they likely populated our planet long time ago. The models are placed in sets reminiscent of their natural habitat. The models are both static and animated, all of them with sound. Parts of the DinoPark are attractions supporting the educational purpose of the park, such as a 3D movie theater, children’s paleontological playground, educational path etc.

Observatory and Planetarium - Kraví hora

Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno is situated close to the centre of this Moravian metropolis, in a picturesque park on a hill Kraví hora.

The telescopes of the Observatory enable you to see the stars which are 100 times weaker than you can see on the sky over Brno without any optical help.

The main attraction of the Observatory is a big planetarium made by a company Carl Zeiss Jena, type Spacemaster from 1991, which is installed in a cupola with a diameter of 17.5 meters and is able to project nine thousand stars, twenty nebulae and star clusters, and a number of solar system bodies.

Horse Riding - Bělecký Mlýn / Ranč Kameňák / Farma Malá Obora Blansko / Kostelany

It is possible to go horse back riding in the area. Here are some companies that can arrange horse riding for you.

Blaník Knights Caves

A unique sandstone cave (an underground gallery) with a story of Blaník knights. This work of art was created by Stanislav Rolinok, the self-taught sculptor. František Burian, a citizen of Kunštát, was involved in its creation. The Caves are a part of a two-hectare forest-park with a many sculptures you can see.

Sokrates Golf & Country Club

Sokrates Golf & Country Club is situated in Czech Republic in immaculate countryside of the Drahan Highlands nearby Kořenec by Boskovice.

Ski-Areal - in Olešnice na Moravě

This is a Ski Resort in Olešnice about 28km from our accomodations. Unfortunately the website is in Czech only.

Sokol Blansko - Hořice Ski Resort

Only 2km from our accomodation. It is equipped with 2 ski lifts with plate carriers in lenght of 320 m and 200 m. The ski slopes has a snow-covering system, they are maintained regularly and equipped with a new lighting for an evening of skiing. The check-in system with the turnstiles guarantees a quick check-in for skiers at both ski lifts. In the area there is also a refreshment, a restaurant is 200 m away from the upper ski lift.

Brno Grand Prix

The Czech Republic motorcycle Grand Prix is a motorcycling event that is part of the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season. Before 1993, the race was known as the Czechoslovakian motorcycle Grand Prix. Since 1965 the race is a part of World Grand Prix series. Since 1987 the race is held on the newly built Masaryk Circuit, the historical track led through the streets of western parts of Brno and neighbouring villages, such as Bosonohy and Žebětín. If you are visiting the area for this event it is strongly advised that you book a place to stay well in advance.

Castle of Slavkov-Austerlitz

Slavkov near Brno is known as the battlefield where Napoleon defeated the combined armies of the Russian and Austrian Empires in1805. The Baroque chateau here was mainly the work of Italians. It was designed by the Lucca architect, Domenico Martinelli; the sculpture was mostly the work of Goivanni Giuliani; the interiors, as well as the frescos and plaster work, were done by Andrey Lanzani and Santino Bussi. There is a huge memorial erected at he site of the bloody "battle of three emperors".

Castle Rájec - Jestřebí

Rajec has a very long history and it ranks among the eldest villages. Two former castles can be found here. The Rájec - Jestřebí is one of them. The town Rajec and the neighbouring Jestrebi was jointed in 1960.

Castle Veveři - Hrad Veveří

Veveří Castle (Czech: Hrad Veveří) is a castle located some 15 km northwest of Brno, Czech Republic. It was first mentioned in 1213.

Winston Churchill visited the castle thrice (August 1906, September 1907, and September 1908 - during his honeymoon). It's the only place within Czech republic where W. L. S. Churchill dwelled. A historical marker was unveiled there on September 19, 2005 by Linda Duffield, the UK ambassador in the country.

Hrad Pernštejn

Pernštejn Castle is located at the confluence of the rivers and Svratky Nedvědičky, near the village Nedvědice. The castle was built in the 13th century in a Gothic style. In the following centuries, the castle was rebuilt and extended several times. This Castle is one of the most important Moravian castles, and is therefore dubbed "King Moravian castle". The castle is used in films. Unfortunately, in 2005 there was a fire which caused a hundred million crowns in damage.

Vranov nad Dyjí State Chateau

The monumental Baroque castle towers on a rock above the dam lake Vranov. It was built in place of a large Gothic stronghold, which fell to fire in 1665. The richly furnished interiors document the culture of noble living in the 18th and 19th century. Monumental baroque architecture in the Ancestral room, including samples of stoneware by the renowned local manufacturer.

Castle Lysice known as State Chateau Lysice

Baroque chateau on place of renaissance water stronghold presents richly decorated and furnished interiors from 18th and 19th century. The interior shows life of well known Moravian noble family Dubsky from Trebomyslice. Overwhelming collections form 19th century contain mostly furniture, glass, china, paintings, also uncommon armory, two libraries, oriental objects and precious collection of historical shooting targets. From June to September it is possible to visit unique chateau garden with colonnade, orangery and salla terrena.

Tugendhat Villa in Brno

One of the most famous functionalist buildings in the world, the Tugendhat villa in Brno is the work of the German architect Ludwig Mies van de Rohe. The villa is recorded in the history of modern architecture for its originality and uniqueness. It was recently included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Battle of Three Emperors - Project Austerlitz in Slavkov

Battle of Three Emperors refers to Napoleon's decisive victory over the Austrian and Russian armies on the Moravian plains near the town of Austerliz, or Slavkov as it's known in Czech. In 1805, the region was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the locals considered themselves on the losing side of the battle. A massive re-enactment of the battle takes place every year. See website for details.

Southern Moravia on bicycle

South Moravia is really a gem for cycling tourists. See the website below for details on cycling in Southern Moravia.




Brno Philharmonic Orchestra

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra is an orchestra at the heart of Europe. They make appearances at festivals and concert halls throughout the world. They have an unrivalled tradition of performing Janáček. Internationally celebrated conductors and soloists. An acclaimed recording and broadcasting ensemble

Botanical gardens and Arboretum in Brno
Botanická zahrada a arboretum

The Botanic Gardens and Arboretum of Mendel University of Agriculture is worth a visit. There are many more in the area. There is another linked to Masaryk University. The websites are below.

The Church of the Holy Name of Mary in Křtiny
Mariánský chrám

The Baroque pilgrim complex is a Marian pilgrimage site. The original project by Jan Santini Aichel was modified during construction and was not fully completed. Linked onto the church is St. Anne Chapel, the Provost Residence and other buildings.

Automotodrom Brno

Masaryk circuit is one of the most modern race circuits in the Central Europe and has a great sports and social tradition. Many of the biggest motorsport celebrities of the world can be seen there. Even you can become a part of this fascinating world of fast wheels, adrenaline and passion brought by motorsport. You can strenghten your driving skills, or of your team colleagues, employees or clients and thanks to sophisticated training programs increase your safety while driving your car.

Spa Resorts

There are many Spas in Southern Moravia. If you are looking for relaxation here are a few of them for to to choose from.

Lednice Castle

The Lednice chateau has undergone several reconstructions over the years, of which the most recent was in the neo-gothic historicized style in 1846 – 1856, and is the work of the Viennese architect Jiri Wingmüller. The chateau complex of Lednice, with its eight wings, four courtyards, and two towers, is surrounded by an extensive French and English park with two ponds and an almost 60-metre tall minaret. The Valtice chateau is located in the south of the Lednicko-valticky area. It was built near the former medieval castle, rebuilt into a renaissance chateau during the rule of the Lichtenstejn family. Valtice became primarily a family residence built with the participation of the leading architects of the age. Its current appearance, however, originated from the Austrian baroque architect J. B. Fischer of Erlach. The website is in czech but if you type zamek lednice into google you will find another unofficial in english.

Celtic Settlement ISARNO in Letovice
Keltský skanzen ISARNO

The Celtic settlement in Letovice is built on a former quarry. The name ISARNO is derived from an old Celtic term for iron. They have recreated settlement which truly resembles a Celtic village, including the buildings, crafts and generally the life from the time period of two thousand years ago when the Celts were inhabiting our territory.

Mad Air - Let´s Baloon!

Why not compliment your trip to Moravia with a baloon ride. You can find more details and make your booking via this web link below.








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