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In the South Moravian region near the Moravian mountains flows the River Svitava. Alongside this River is where you will find the town of Blansko with a population of 22,000. From Blansko you are only a short distance from the protected landscape of the Moravian Karst. This is where you will find many caves, underground rivers and the famous gorge called the Macocha Abyss. Blansko is surrounded by the splendid woods and mountain-sides ideal for walks and bicycle trips along the marked paths. You will find many attractions nearby including chateaus and castles in the surrounding towns and villages. There is even a cowboy and western style show in neighboring town. Brno the second largest city in the Czech Republic is approximately 30km away. See the attractions page where we have listed most attractions in the area.

On an industrial note Blansko is known to be specialised in the production of water turbines, grey cast iron, electrical measuring devices and polygraphic appliances. CKD is one of the largest companies in Blansko specialising is Wind and Water Turbines amongst other things. DSB EURO have been in business over 300 years and specialise in Grey cast iron and steel production. Other big names from the town incude ADAST and Metra.


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